Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Awesome Dryer Balls

Have you heard of dryer balls?  As the name implies, they are balls you put in your dryer while drying your clothes.  They cut the drying time and clothes come out fluffier and with fewer wrinkles.

I used to have some rubber spikes ones.  They were a bit loud, but they did the job.   BUT THEN, I discovered the cadillac of dryer balls - wool ones!  Oh, my!  These are the best!

My drying time with these was about ten minutes less per load.  The wool ones do bang a bit, but they are quieter than the rubber ones.

I don't use fabric softener at all. I am fairly sensitive to scents and try to avoid unnecessary chemicals.  The dryer balls make everything softer, especially towels.  They also cut down on static, but they don't eliminate it altogether.

I bought mine from Amazon - you can see them HERE.  I think they have some less expensive wool ones as well.  In the end, these will probably save you money.

- DC

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