Monday, May 30, 2016

The Good Wife

Whenever a politician is caught in a scandal, there's always an apologetic press conference where the good wife stands stoically by her scumbag husband's side.  I tend to look more at the wife than the husband.  I try to imagine what she must be thinking.  I tend to assume she is planning to make her husband's life miserable, but there are a number of other things she could be thinking. Maybe the wife is a social climbing witch and is only mad at her husband's getting caught.  Who knows.   The Good Wife series starts with the scandal and focuses on the wife throughout the series.  I was hooked from the start.

Juliana Marguiles plays the lead and she's brilliant.  The whole cast is amazing and includes the incredibly handsome Chris Noth as the husband, Christine Baranski, Alan Cumming, Josh Charles and more.

There's more to the series than political couple drama. Alicia, the wife, is a lawyer and the cases that she works on are quite interesting.

This series is one of the best I've watched since starting my love affair with Netflix and Amazon.  I was devastated to learn that season 7 was to be the last.  Everyone I've talked into watching the series has loved it.

- DC

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Grace and Frankie

Grace and Frankie is a fun series for people who are open-minded!   If you have a problem with gays, this is not for you.  If you hold a grudge against Jane Fonda, this is not for you.  If you have a problem with race issues, this is not for you.  

The main characters are two empty nester couples.  The husbands are lawyers who work together and the wives are VERY different, but reluctant friends since their husbands have been good friends for so long.  They've all vacationed together many times and they have seen all the children grow up together.  One couple is played by Jane Fonda and Martin Sheen.  The other couple is played by Lily Tomlin and Sam Waterston. In the first episode, the guys announce they are in love with each other and leaving their wives. Neither wife had suspected a thing.

So far, there are 2 seasons. The first season was my fav, especially the peyote episode.  I have watched Season 1 more than once. Season 2 came out just a few weeks ago and I zipped through that way too fast.  I'll go back and watch it again soon.  

 - DC

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Awesome Dryer Balls

Have you heard of dryer balls?  As the name implies, they are balls you put in your dryer while drying your clothes.  They cut the drying time and clothes come out fluffier and with fewer wrinkles.

I used to have some rubber spikes ones.  They were a bit loud, but they did the job.   BUT THEN, I discovered the cadillac of dryer balls - wool ones!  Oh, my!  These are the best!

My drying time with these was about ten minutes less per load.  The wool ones do bang a bit, but they are quieter than the rubber ones.

I don't use fabric softener at all. I am fairly sensitive to scents and try to avoid unnecessary chemicals.  The dryer balls make everything softer, especially towels.  They also cut down on static, but they don't eliminate it altogether.

I bought mine from Amazon - you can see them HERE.  I think they have some less expensive wool ones as well.  In the end, these will probably save you money.

- DC